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I’ve become the go-to person for companies focused on new growth and greater impact, due to my experience, insight and ability to create a bespoke approach for your business. The tools you’ll learn as part of our mentoring relationship can be used time and time again, whenever new ideas or opportunities emerge. The solutions and connections I develop with you will be tailored to match your vision and enhance the potential of your business.

When I’m looking at your business, I’m bringing insight gained through several decades of working with large corporations and small businesses. I understand the wide spectrum of challenges that organisations face throughout their business cycle and work closely with companies of all sizes to solve them. Working at any level of business growth, I often shepherd early ideas from inception to reality, creating new products and scalable services.
About Bethan Miles - Bethan Miles is The Impact Mentor - the go-to person for companies focused on new growth and greater impact, due to my experience, insight and ability to create a bespoke approach for your business.
During my 16 years tenure in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, I led innovation, research and industry engagement programmes. I loved to develop and lead multi-disciplinary teams, which were always created in response to a genuine need. I’m pragmatic, passionate and driven to make a difference, which is what led me to become a consultant. I’ve since worked with hundreds of companies, helping them to develop their business strategies and access the right people and resources in a way that’s right for them. While my early years were spent in the pharmaceutical industry – in healthcare communications, clinical trials and marketing research – in the intervening years I’ve sought out partnerships across a multitude of sectors. That allows me to maximise connection and collaboration opportunities for your business and others, so we can all make an impact together.

My approach

My approach

STEP 1Discovery
Understanding your business and your requirements for support.
Identifying immediate gaps or needs to be addressed in order for you to grow your business effectively
STEP 2Creating value
Addressing existing gaps in your business operations and strategy and working with you to get clear on the value you create and how to maximise opportunities.
STEP 3Foundations for impact
Building the foundations for creating, accelerating and maximising the impact of your business.
STEP 4Accelerating your impact
Creating new opportunities, working with the right people, accessing the right resources and accelerating your impact. Being an impact player in business.
STEP 1Goal setting
Establish your short-term and long-term career goals and a forward-looking career road map.
STEP 2Explore
Help you understand yourself, what is important to you and monitor how changes in your interests, skills relate to your career.
STEP 3Discover
Learn about different careers, understand the components and requirements to make a final decision.
STEP 4Action Plan
Create a tactical plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. We help fine-tune your plans.

What my clients say

Bethan has a great ability to connect the right people, intuitively understanding your needs and helping you to navigate the entrepreneur journey.

CEO, Move it or Lose it Ltd

Beth is always available, insightful and highly reliable. I requested a favour from Beth initially via email, 2 months later and a number of interactions, Applio had secured £170k of funding and, more importantly, an anchor client to utilise the latest version of our Games Based Learning platform, which should result in the opening of a whole new industry sector for our offering.

Director, Applio

Following a series of personal and work set-backs I met with Bethan and within a matter of a few hours I understood my value, felt focussed and knew what direction I needed to move in.

Director, B Inspired

Beth makes timely and poignant recommendations based off known industry experience that can save you a lot of time, research and mistakes.

CEO & Founder, Kaido

I wholeheartedly recommend Beth to anyone who is thinking seriously about growth, innovation and, or, exploration of new commercial opportunities.

CEO & Founder, Get Back to Sport

Beth is a real facilitator. She listens, engages and directs. At times Beth came across as being blunt, which in hindsight is her forte as she will not pander to your whims, as she tells it like it is. In business and entrepreneurship, you need to hear things plain and simple.

Director, Data Umbrella

Compelling, insightful, inspiring. Beth makes me believe in myself, brings out the knowledge I already have, and helps me see my blind spots while giving me the confidence to address them.

Founder, Mindsafe

Beth is someone who helps you strip things back to the core. She provides a refreshing challenge and is someone who won’t just walk away when the going gets tough.

Founder, GASP CIC

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