Puddles are great fun when you can splash about in them with your wellies on. When the puddle becomes a lake, a body of water too deep and too wide to wade through the fun doesn’t need to disappear but the activity has to change. You have to swim, sail or float in a boat...


Growing the impact of your business requires a little nurturing.  Avoid relying on willpower when you are trying to be consistent in your quest to grow your business.  Forming some habits will enable you to provide a strong and regular supply of the fundamental elements that support your business growth. Review the value you create...


I have had one hell of a decade as I moved out of employed and the NHS to running my own businesses.  I have continued to enjoy so many new experiences this year and I am proud of what I have achieved.  Today I have taken some time to recognise and celebrate some of my...


When you look me in the eye and still don’t smile. How a beautiful Christmas Poinsettia can shed most of its leaves within days of it moving into our house. How the 20 plus people on the train today who continued to sit for six stops watching the two smallest children in our carriage stand...


On this day in 1843, Charles Dickens published “A Christmas Carol”.  Dickens is known for seeing conditions in everyday life that he wanted to change. He wanted to make a contribution to reforming these situations by writing about them. Do you want to change your own life in some way?  Or are you looking to...


Do you believe you can achieve all you set your mind to? I do. I sometimes wonder whether the reason I can be so confident about that is that I set my bar at such a comfortable level that it’s not that ambitious to attain! I find this really hard to gauge but I am...


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Advice please! Sent my driving license to weeks ago to be updated. Not sure I’m getting it back. How do I chase up?!

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