I was reminded in a conversation last week how Seth Godin in his latest book “This is Marketing” talks about how our strategy for achieving something can stay the same and it’s the tactics that are likely to change. Just because your current tactic or set of tactics don’t feel like they are working out,...


I have never created an actual written bucket list although a social media post did remind me that I ticked something off my metaphorical list this time last year.  We had a fun trip to watch live darts, something I had only previously watched on TV and it always looked a fun day out.  It...


However much you plan ahead for the New Year, there is nothing quite like the arrival of 1st January to really kick start you into action.  That sense of urgency emerges and whether you have set some new years resolutions or not (I’m in the ‘not’ camp), you can still do something proactive to create...


It was only when I was asked at a Christmas party in late December what I’d been up to recently did I truly take the time to appreciate the big leaps you can make just by taking daily steps. Until that moment I’d felt like I’d been winging it on a daily basis, not recognising...


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Advice please! Sent my driving license to weeks ago to be updated. Not sure I’m getting it back. How do I chase up?!

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