Remembering my Great Grandfather Emil Kornitzer. Last month, on Holocaust Memorial Day, I wrote how losing family in the Holocaust created deep sorrow and trauma for my grandmother but from this grew resilience and determination.  It remains important to me that we do not forget those murdered. Born on the 27th of May 1885, Emil...


How many of you are too bashful to post about the great work you are achieving? How many of you find it easier to celebrate the success of everyone else and not your own? People can’t celebrate with you unless you tell them about it! What is stopping you sharing your success? Is it a fear of...


I have had one hell of a decade as I moved out of employed and the NHS to running my own businesses.  I have continued to enjoy so many new experiences this year and I am proud of what I have achieved.  Today I have taken some time to recognise and celebrate some of my...


An excellent way of introducing mindfulness into your business to support staff wellbeing. A few months ago I attended a tea ceremony conducted by Yi Zeng of Yi Cha, and I wrote a short article about it. At that time, I reported mainly on the fact that the entire experience was not as anticipated, given it...


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