Do you believe you can achieve all you set your mind to? I do. I sometimes wonder whether the reason I can be so confident about that is that I set my bar at such a comfortable level that it’s not that ambitious to attain! I find this really hard to gauge but I am...


Adapt your thinking and test any assumptions you make which are based on your own experience. I have written numerous blogs on the importance of understanding the context in which you are developing your products and services. Understanding the context in which you are already working is important, as is understanding the context in which...


Measure the right thing.   How much are you giving your business ego a boost with vanity metrics? These are the metrics you can collect purely to make your product or service look good but do not add any value to your business development process. I see people obsess over the number of twitter followers they...


My approach to helping businesses to fulfil their potential. My approach for supporting businesses to be more impactful has been developed over 20 years of working within and for businesses. To make it easier to grasp as a concept, I have adopted this term from the sporting world. Are you familiar with the term Impact...


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@bethanmiles_ - 3 weeks

Advice please! Sent my driving license to weeks ago to be updated. Not sure I’m getting it back. How do I chase up?!

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