When you look me in the eye and still don’t smile. How a beautiful Christmas Poinsettia can shed most of its leaves within days of it moving into our house. How the 20 plus people on the train today who continued to sit for six stops watching the two smallest children in our carriage stand...


If only we had a crystal ball! What will the next 12 months bring?  I am both curious and impatient, so this question stirs up considerable intrigue. This was a question a friend asked on social media today, with the added question of “would you be prepared to share that prediction publicly for judging at...


Ahead of the New Year, I have once again attended the Vision Board Playshop under the awesome guidance of Helena Holrick. If you recall, as I have shared previously how Helena says: “It just takes a little time out, some good questions and a nice atmosphere in which to think, ponder, review and identify your...


December 1 has been a special date for me over the last 18 years as it was then that I met my husband.  We met in a nightclub and I am grateful for our friend Andy who struck up a conversation with me and my friend Nicola, who then introduced me to Dave. Maybe nostalgia...


One of the things I love about social media is how it allows communities to connect and debate.  It allows people who previously had no voice to join with other people to share an opinion.  I am not saying that I am always in agreement with the posts I see on my own local community...


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